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Shandong Hanqiao (Stock) Technology Co., Ltd. is a key construction project of Jinan Municipal Government. It integrates research, development, production, sales, storage and transportation of lubricating oil, grease and automobile maintenance products. Hanhu Energy is a scientific and technological cooperation unit of China University of Petroleum (East China). It pays attention to the research and development of core technology, invests and innovates constantly. Relying on its strong scientific research strength and the advantages of high-quality talents, Hanhu Energy has been approved as Shandong Municipal Energy-saving Lubricant Manufacturing Engineering Technology Center.

Shandong Hanqiao Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

About Lianou Lubricating oil


Lubricating Oil Enterprises First Passed TS16949 Certification as One of the National Lubricating Oil BrandsPassenger car products are certified by API, ACEA, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and other mainstream mainframe factories.Commercial vehicle products are certified by Cummins, MAN and other main engine factories.The Group owns its own motorcycle fleet (passenger car fleet, commercial vehicle fleet, Dakar United fleet) ...

Raw material purchase

1、The company chooses high-quality raw materials from all over the world, pays attention to the quality of products, and controls the quality of products in the whole process.

2、The company's base oil mainly comes from Taiwan Plastics, Malaysian Petroleum and ExxonMobil Company, GS and other well-known international base oil suppliers.

3、Additives are purchased from four major global additive suppliers.


The company separately and

The United States Yafton Additives Company, Britain Running Union Additives Company, Chevron Company and Lubrizol Company signed strategic partnership.

The Origin of Lianpu

International Lianpu Service in China

This is Houyi's face. It is said that in the age of Yiqi Fangxun (Emperor Yao), Yi was the archer of Tang Yao, who was named Shangqiu by Tang Yao and married Chang'e, the daughter of Emperor's wife. There are ten suns in the sky, burning trees and crops, and Yiqi Fangxun (also known as Yiqi Fangxun, or Yao) invited Dayi to shoot down nine suns in succession. From then on, the climate on the earth was suitable and everything grew. He also shoots beasts and venomous snakes to kill the people. Therefore, the people regard him as the "arrow god". Facebook contains nine suns, which means Hou Yi will shoot down nine days to save the world and protect the people of Li.


Facebook lubricant, meaning save, protect;

It also implies that the product has superior performance and can provide better protection for engine and other mechanical components.


Quality inspection center

Pay attention to product quality, focus on building a central laboratory;

Use actual driving test and test data to speak.

Several depth detection equipment, pay attention to the performance of oil depth indicators;

Provide deep detection support for oil products for partners, assist in diagnosing engine faults through changes in metal content, etc.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

High temperature and high shear tester

Automatic Viscosimeter

High Temperature Antioxidant Detector

Brinell Viscosimeter